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History of the Wakeman Police Dept.
Before becoming fully established in 1953
Wakeman had Town Marshalls.  Some of these Town Marshalls were:  Blaine Hurst, Kurt Todd, Raleigh Barnes, Bill Pease, Harold Millhouse, & Theodore Timbs.

Chief Skinner, before the purchase of the 1953 Chevrolet police cruiser,  would respond to calls in his personal vehicle.  The 1953 cruiser was bought right here at the Wakeman Chevrolet Dealership in the Village of Wakeman.    
Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Protect Life, Property, and the Pursuit of Freedom by all who live their lives according to the Laws of the Constitution of the United States and the Laws of the State of Ohio.  We will faithfully, honestly, and impartially discharge the duties of a Police Officer at all times.


The Wakeman Police Department currently has one full-time officer, the Chief.  There are up to several part-time paid positions as well as  up to twenty reserve officers.

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